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4.6 Responding to Psychiatric Concerns

Last Modified: 04-May-2017 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

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​​To inform residential care workers about strategies to support children who may have a psychiatric condition.

Practice Requirements

  • ​​​Residential care workers must seek advice from the Residential care psychologists when a child’s presentation suggests the possibility of a psychiatric or mental illness. 
  • Residential care workers must record presenting behaviours for later (potential) consultations. 
  • Residential care workers must advise the district of any concerns for follow-up.​​


  • Overview
  • Overview

    ​When appropriate, children identified as having a psychiatric illness should be linked with community based mental health services for treatment, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Youthlink. This should always be done in partnership with the child’s case manager. 

    Trauma Profiles and management strategies should complement the interventions and recommendations of mental health professionals. 

    After-hours advice and direction call the Acute Response Team (ART) - 1800 048 636 For more information refer to 5.4 - Medical Emergency

    For more information refer to the Bilateral Schedule between the Department and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services


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