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4.1 Residential Care Plans

Last Modified: 14-Apr-2021 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

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​To provide guidance to managers, psychologists and key workers on collaborating with district workers to develop a Residential Care Plan (RCP) for each child that identifies goals to be worked towards throughout the placement, taking into account the child’s known trauma (existing and historical) and behaviours. 

The agreed plan forms a basis for regular reporting on the child’s progress. 

Practice Requirements

  • ​​​​All relevant residential care workers must contribute to the development of plans including individual daily programs that are aligned with the goals in the Residential Care Plan (RCP). 
  • Plans must be reviewed at least every three months, or more frequently if necessary, by the manager, case manager and the district team leader (other members of the team as necessary).​​


  • Overview
  • Overview

    ​Residential Care Plans are developed at the placement meeting or within 10 days of the child being placed, and are informed by the child’s care plan and any other relevant documentation, as well as the case manager and district team leader. 

    The RCP will identify the agreed placement goals, objectives, actions and tasks, who is responsible (including resources), the timeframe and a measure of achievement. It must be signed off by the manager, case manager and district team leader. 

    Where possible every effort should be made to include the child’s views. A copy of the review document should be provided to the team and a further copy placed on the child’s file.


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