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6.2.b Personal Property - Staff

Last Modified: 31-May-2021 Review Date: N/A

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​To provide procedures for keeping staff's personal belongings safe and secure at work. 

Residential  Care is resolute in the intention to provide the children in houses with a homelike therapeutic environment.  Whilst doing so, it is nevertheless important to be mindful of measures that are necessary to ensure safety of children and staff.    

Children in residential care can be impulsive, and at times lack inhibition and judgement capacity about personal safety.  They are impacted by trauma and can express their emotions by challenging safe boundaries.   On occasions, children enter staff offices, sometimes by invitation and sometimes not.  Thus, it is important staff vehicle keys, valuables and personal belongings are stored safely and securely.

Practice Requirements

​A locked safe/cabinet/locker is to be accessible to staff at the commencement of each shift to ensure the safe and secure storage of personal items such as staff vehicle keys, phones and valuables to minimise the opportunity for the children in our care to access such items. 

Process Maps



  • Personal Vehicles and RiskCover Insurance
  • Personal Vehicles and RiskCover Insurance

    For information about procedures regarding loss or damage to staff vehicles by a child in Residential Care or the Child's natural and kinship relative(s), please see the Administration Manual entry RiskCover Insurance.  Please note the Administrative Manual contains legacy administrative procedures from Child Protection and will require review once Communities procedures are updated.