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6.18 Visitors

Last Modified: 04-May-2017 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Legislation


​​To minimise the potential disruption to the home and community arising from people entering the property without permission or with no proper cause to be at the home.

Practice Requirements

  • ​​​​​All visitors to the home must be recorded in the Log Book (for example, maintenance personnel, gardeners, cleaners, other department staff, parents, etc.). 
  • If a person enters the property without permission, or without good cause, Department officers must politely but firmly ask him or her to leave. Residential care workers may need to accompany the unwelcome visitor off the property. 
  • If a person refuses to follow the direction to leave, or remains outside the property creating a disturbance, workers must call the Police to request that they be moved on. 
  • Department workers may consider moving the children present to another area of the home or property to isolate the uninvited guest. However, residential care workers must be mindful not to engage in any activity that may further inflame the situation. 
  • Residential care workers must use therapeutic practices to avoid escalating the situation further. 
  • Details of the incident and the name of the uninvited guest (if known) must be recorded in the Log Book. ​​


  • Considerations and approvals required for visitors to the home
  • Considerations and approvals required for visitors to the home

    ​​All children have a right to feel safe and this should not be compromised by others entering or visiting the home without permission or good cause to be there. 

    When a child requests to have a visitor the manager must consider and approve in consultation with the child’s case manager. ​


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