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6.15 Water Safety

Last Modified: 05-May-2017 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

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​​To provide residential care workers with guidelines for safe swimming and water practices.

Practice Requirements

  • ​All residential care workers must adhere to the Department’s procedures relating to water safety. Refer to Practice Guidance - Swimming Pools and Other Bodies of Water
  • Children must be directly supervised at all times when using a swimming pool, spa or other body of water; or when engaged in water activities. 
  • The safety of children is paramount. Residential care workers accompanying children on swimming activities must have the capacity to perform water safety rescue or the ability to swim where there are no life savers present. 
  • For inexperienced and very young swimmers, a carer must be within arms-reach of the child and maintain sight of the child at all times.​​


  • Water Safety Considerations
  • Water Safety Considerations

    ​Residential care workers must be aware of the potential dangers involved in water activities and be mindful that a child in the CEO’s care may not have had the same opportunities as other children to learn water safety and swimming skills. 

    Each child’s swimming ability must be checked (refer to the child’s Residential Care Plan) before a child participates in water activities as the age of the child is not a guide to their knowledge of water safety or capacity to swim. 

    If residential care workers plan swimming activities at the beach they must take the necessary precautions. If there are flags, swim between the flags and follow directions given by surf life savers. 

    Pools onsite at residential homes must display relevant water safety and CPR signage. Additionally, children must be supervised at all times. Residential care workers supervising children must have the capacity to perform a water safety rescue or be able to swim.


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