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6.5 Meals

Last Modified: 04-May-2017 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

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​​To provide residential care workers with guidelines to assist them in developing healthy meal plans, preparation and routines that contribute to a home-like environment.

Practice Requirements

​​All residential care workers are expected to contribute to meal preparation and the provision of food to children in the home. 

  • ​​Meals provided to children should form part of a nutritious and well balanced diet. 
  • Food cannot be withheld from a child. 
  • Children who are absent from the home during meal times must be offered a meal when they return. 
  • When preparing meals residential care workers must be aware of the child’s medical history and particular dietary requirements such as gluten free, lactose intolerance and food allergies. Religious and other cultural needs must be catered to, including but not limited to, vegan or vegetarian choices and Halal and Kosher practices. 
  • Menus must be planned to make sure that the children receive a variety of food. 
  • When possible children must be encouraged to assist in the selection of healthy meal options and the preparation of meals. 
  • Where possible residential care workers must also encourage children to assist in the weekly shopping to help them to better understand the planning process and build life skills. 
  • Residential care workers and children must eat meals together to role model a home-like environment. 
  • Visits to fast-food outlets may be planned once a week. 
  • Treats and snacks can be used, but need to be monitored to prevent and minimise over-indulgence in less healthy food. ​

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