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6.4 House-Keeping

Last Modified: 04-May-2017 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

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​​To provide residential care workers with guidelines to assist in maintaining a safe, clean, nurturing and home-like environment.

Practice Requirements

  • ​​​​All residential care workers must undertake some house-keeping, yard tidying and light gardening tasks to maintain a safe, clean and nurturing home environment. This is a job requirement (as per the JDF) and social responsibility. Residential care workers must be prepared to support the work of contracted cleaners and gardeners. This provides examples of role modelling, social learning and contributes to the children’s growth and change. 
  • Residential care workers in each home must develop and implement a routine for house-keeping and home operations that includes a range of daily and weekly tasks such as vacuuming, general tidying, cleaning wet areas (bathrooms and laundry), washing clothes, cleaning fridges and cooking appliances and shopping.​​


  • Overview
  • Overview

    ​Tasks will vary from home to home - refer to home duties list from each home. 

    Residential care workers should model appropriate behaviour, and encourage and include the children in house-keeping routines, assisting them where necessary to complete day to day tasks such as: 

    • cleaning their bedroom 
    • cleaning up after food preparation and mealtimes 
    • sharing responsibility for keeping the living areas clean, tidy and safe for everyone, and 
    • planning a weekly menu for meals. 

    When planning the weekly menu, residential care workers must be aware of: 

    • food items not liked by some children 
    • children’s food allergies, and 
    • the need to uphold children’s cultural and/or religious dietary needs. 

    Residential care workers must maintain a safe, home-like environment and respond to any home maintenance issues immediately. Requests for repairs must be lodged with building and maintenance, and the job number and task entered into the maintenance book. 

    Any new works or additional items required for the home, or items that need to be replaced must be requested through the manager or Assets. For more information refer to 2.7 - Maintenance and Repairs.


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