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2.7 Maintenance and Repairs

Last Modified: 04-May-2017 Review Date: 01-Jun-2019

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​​Delivery of maintenance services in the metropolitan area and regional centres is managed by the Department’s Facility Management Unit through the Department of Treasury and Finance - Building Maintenance and Works (BMW), and where applicable through the direct engagement of private contractors. 

Practice Requirements

  • ​​T​he Department is obliged to maintain residential group homes, including the grounds, to a high level that provides quality accommodation for the children and a safe working environment for residential care staff. 
  • Residential care staff have a social responsibility towards neighbours and the community to maintain the home and grounds to a high standard consistent with community expectations. 
  • All works apart from basic repairs and maintenance must be approved by the home’s manager. 
  • All contractors attending the home must be recorded in the Log Book
  • The home maintenance guide applies to all accommodation homes that are owned or rented by the Department. Managers and Procurement and Facility Management (Assets) must use this guide to maintain residential care properties. 
  • A fault must only be logged as a priority 1 where it is determined to be an emergency and presents as a serious safety issue. 
  • Priority 1 faults: Residential care staff must remain on site to allow contractors access to the home.
Process Maps

​See Breakdown/Repairs (Faults) Process Map in related resources.​


  • Overview
  • Breakdown Repairs (Faults)
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Overview

    ​The home maintenance guide applies to all residential group homes. 

    The building, repairs and maintenance guide sets out standard steps to manage breakdown repairs, planned works and routine maintenance by managers and Procurement and Facility Management (Assets) within their existing levels of responsibility.


    Breakdown Repairs (Faults)

    ​Breakdown repairs are commonly termed faults and relate to work generally caused by: 

    • accidental or wilful damage, for example, damaged doors or windows, roof leaks, graffiti, etc. or 
    • failure of existing fixtures, for example, plumbing problems, electrical issues or airconditioning not working, etc. 

    For the following items inform your manager. The manager will contact the Procurement and Facility Management representative: 

    • ​furniture - repairs and replacements, including blinds and curtains, and 
    • portable electrical appliances - repairs and replacement of refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. 

    Where there is a requirement to report any fault requirements in relation to your site to BMW, record the relevant information in the Building Works and ACM (Faults) Log Book

    Contact Details: BMW One Call Centre Phone 132 134 (24/7 services for a priority 1 fault, for all other faults wait until the next morning). 

    Advise BMW there is a fault and quote the: 

    • Premise Number 
    • Premise Name 
    • Contact Person 
    • Details of Fault 
    • ​Priority (residential care staff must consider security or safety issues when deciding which priority is appropriate) 

    ​Priority​Response​Attendance on siteCompletion of repair​
    1​​For orders issues between 6.00am and 1.00pm Attendance must be on the same Business Day the Order is issued 

    For Orders issued between 1.00pm and 5.00pm Attendance must be by 9.00am the next Business Day after the Order is issued 
    ​For Orders issued at any other on a Business Day or at any time After Hours 

    Attendance must be as soon as possible, and within 1 hour of the issue of the Order
    ​Within 24 hours from the issue of the Order
    ​2​Same day telephone communication. Clarify fault and advise estimated time of arrival to job.​N/A​Within 3 Business Days of issue of the Order
    ​3​Next day or earlier telephone communication. Advise estimated date and time of arrival to job.​N/A​Within 7 Business Days of issue of the Order​

    Note: A fault should only be logged as a priority 1 where it is determined to be an emergency and presents as a serious safety issue. 

    Priority 1 faults - it is essential that a workers member remains on site to allow the contractor access.

    Routine Maintenance

    ​Routine maintenance includes the actions required to retain and/or maintain the home in the best possible condition for future years. Routine maintenance involves regular inspections, detection and planning to prevent faults or hazards occurring in the home. 

    This type of maintenance is coordinated by Procurement and Facility Management in consultation with BMW. BMW engage the contractors. 

    BMW routine maintenance includes: 

    • cleaning gutters, downpipes and stormwater systems 
    • servicing gas appliances and domestic hot water systems 
    • testing RCD’s, emergency and exit lights 
    • servicing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning plants 
    • servicing all fire protection equipment (fixed and portable), and 
    • annual termite inspections and reports. 

    On occasion, the schedule of routine maintenance may vary. This depends on the needs and requirements of individual sites. 

    Contractors make appointments with the home to undertake routine maintenance works. Contractors will provide information about the date and time, and an estimate for the duration of the work scheduled to be performed at each premise. Staff must log this information in the home’s diary. 



    ​Procurement and Facility Management will source and arrange service providers to maintaining the lawns and gardens. Costs associated with standard gardening are the 45 responsibility of individual homes. Procurement and Facility Management is responsible for any gardening upgrade works. ​​



    ​​Residential care staff are responsible for the daily cleaning of homes. 

    Contracted cleaning is coordinated through the manager, Business Support and Coordination, and Procurement and Facility Management.​


    Swimming pool maintenance

    ​Swimming pools are maintained and serviced by an external service provider; however residential care staff are required to maintain the pool in a safe and hygienic condition on a daily basis. Pools must be checked for water level, hazards and any debris - rocks, stones, twigs, leaves etc. should be removed from the pool. Any damage should be reported immediately to Procurement and Facility Management.​​


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